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Powercolor Radeon HD 5550 Review

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Closer Look:

With the PowerColor Radeon HD 5550, you are getting 627 million transistors based on a 40nm node, this enables 320 Stream Processors, 16 Texture Units, 32 Stencil ROPS, 8 Color ROPs and 512MB of DDR3 RAM on a 128-bit interface. The cooler on the 5550 is pretty tiny, consisting of a basic single slot solution and little heat fins with the entire heatsink covering about a third of the card. Obviously, this card was not made for overclocking so there isn't too much of an issue here as long as it can handle the heat at stock clocks.
















When I first saw that there were no adapters included with this card I was a little bit worried, but really, there is no need for them. CrossFire runs through the PCI-E lanes so no supplementary power is required and the connectivity options on this card should keep pretty much everyone who buys this card happy. Your options consist of a DVI port, a VGA port, and an HDMI port. All that is missing is a DisplayPort output, but considering the fact that the few monitors even sporting this new connector all have alternative inputs, there shouldn't be any conflicts.



As I said above, there is no need for any bundled accessories because everything is meshed into the PCI-E lane, so no CrossFire adapters or power connections to see along the edges. Removing the few screws holding the 5550 together reveals some really hard and crusty thermal compound. Although this wouldn't normally be my first choice but is what is delivered with the OEM solution, the TDP of this card is so low, that this cooling solution shouldn't be a problem.



With the PowerColor 5550 you are getting some fairly decent clock speeds at 550MHz on the GPU core. The GPU interfaces with Hynix based memory modules clocked at 800MHz.



Well we've seen the packaging, we've seen the card, now let's check out what really counts, let's see how the card performs.

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