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QuarkXPress 7 Passport Review

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These features listed are only the new features of QuarkXPress 7 that aren't in any other version of XPress. The rest of the features can be found on Quark's website.

Basic functionality and navigation

  • Unify major functionality in a single location with tabbed Measurements palette
  • Apply colors with a single action from Measurements palette
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to tab through Measurements palette
  • Use improved space/align controls on the Measurements palette
  • Create tabs quickly and accurately with new Measurements palette controls and guides
  • Save screen real estate by using palette groups and sets
  • Organize your workspace with palette smart snapping
  • Switch image alpha channels on the fly from Measurements palette
  • Open and edit QuarkXPress Passport® files with single-language versions of QuarkXPress
  • Apply language settings at the character level

Layout, design, and graphics management

  • Apply individual opacity settings at the color level to text, box backgrounds, frames, lines, blend colors, etc.
  • Support alpha channels in imported images
  • Control layer opacity and blending mode of imported PSD files
  • Automatically flatten with resolution control
  • Export transparent PNG images from Web layouts
  • Apply soft drop shadows to page items
  • Skew, offset, and scale drop shadows
  • Synchronize drop shadow angles throughout the layout
  • Create text runaround from drop shadows
  • Use independent or inherited item opacity and shadow opacity
  • Knock out drop shadow with item
  • Multiply drop shadow to combine drop shadows with objects below the shadow
  • Synchronize boxes, pictures, text, and lines
  • Synchronize attributes (color, transformations, picture effects, styles, etc.)
  • Work in single-layout mode to simplify file naming
  • Append layouts within projects for easy content sharing
  • Export layouts into individual files or save them as an earlier version
  • Use split window view
  • Display multiple windows for the same layout
  • Use native transparency and drop shadows in Web layouts
  • Import Shockwave® Flash™ (SWF) files for interactivity in Web pages
  • Export vector objects and text as SWF from Web layouts
  • Benefit from superior smoothing with the new graphics engine
  • Export anti-aliased graphics from Web layout
  • Render shapes and rotate text more smoothly with the new graphics engine
  • Apply Blur and Diffuse to alpha mask
  • Integrate image formatting with shared content feature
  • Edit contrast curves numerically
  • Integrate alpha mask with existing layer opacity and blending mode features
  • Control content flow by linking text cells within a table or linking tables to each other

Printing and production

  • Use Composition Zones™ technology to share layouts among multiple projects and workstations with live updates
  • Use Composition Zones technology to design simultaneously in multiple media types or layout sizes
  • Use Composition Zones technology to divide a page for collaborative design
  • Synchronize design settings (among multiple users)
  • Synchronize color management settings (among multiple users)
  • Initiate jobs from tickets with built-in production settings
  • Customize preflighting and automatically evaluate layout at output, open, save
  • Access Job Jackets™ Manager for advanced users such as printers, who can provide Job Jackets to clients
  • Use JDF-compatible settings
  • Send real-time updates on all Job Jacket settings to layouts
  • Use always-on, always profile-based color management
  • Automatically monitor profile detection
  • Bundle key settings of source and output setups for color management
  • Use casual and advanced modes for color management
  • Easily soft proof files on-screen
  • Simulate various output devices on-screen, such as grayscale
  • Embed CMM preferences in layouts
  • Use LogoSync for black point compensation
  • Color manage whole workgroups with live updates via Quark Job Jackets files
  • Use presets for major color management standards
  • Color manage non-destructive image color correction
  • Color manage vector EPS and PDF files
  • Emulate color transformations of previous versions of QuarkXPress via ICC profiles
  • Access numerous additional advanced settings for color management
  • Create, share, and use PDF Output styles
  • Use preset standard PDF styles for typical workflows
  • Gain support for PDF/X 1-a and PDF/X 3
  • Export PDF with JDF
  • Evaluate PDF/X criteria during layout
  • Verify based on standard Callas libraries
  • Create smaller PDF file size through optimization and preset use

Text processing

  • Use OpenType font features including:
    • Standard and discretionary ligatures
    • Cross-platform support for ligatures
    • Ligatures on-the-fly
    • Ordinals
    • Titling alternates
    • All small caps
    • Fractions
    • Swashes
    • Contextual alternates
    • Proportional Figures
    • Tabular Figures
    • Oldstyle Figures
    • Lining Figures
    • Superscript and subscript
    • Numerator and denominator
    • Case-sensitive forms and capital spacing
    • Historical forms
    • Kern
    • Ornaments
    • Scientific inferiors
    • Cross-stream ("vertical") kerning pairs
    • OpenType styling support in Find/Change
    • OpenType styling support in XPress Tags
    • OpenType Kerning Preference
    • Glyphs palette
    • Insert Invisibles from Glyphs palette or Utilities menu
    • New glyphs for invisible characters
    • Font fallback to find correct font for unsupported characters
  • Find related alternate glyphs through the alternate glyph window in the Glyphs palette
  • Store and access favorite glyphs
  • Insert special characters from a menu
  • Access style sheets through any character attribute location, including Measurements palette
  • Revert paragraph attributes without removing local character formatting
  • Change Case
  • New default values for standard H&Js
  • Five new default H&Js including "No Hyphenation"
  • Paragraph rules can be set at "Column" length

PPML, XML, and media-independent publishing

  • Export PPML for custom printing
  • Use PPML consumers/output style
  • Import XML for variable data

-Source from Quark's website: http://www.quark.com/products/xpress/features.html

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Included Extras)
  3. Installation
  4. Configuration
  5. Configuration (Cont.)
  6. Features
  7. Testing
  8. Testing (Continued)
  9. Conclusion
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