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QNAP TS-509 Pro Turbo NAS Review

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In the previous section we saw how to access the Web-based user interface using the IP address of the server and the default port of 8080 . In the setup used in the review that would be // If you use a different IP address or use one assigned by your DHCP server you will need to use that instead.

The administration functions for the TS-509 are broken down into several sections based on functionality:
Quick Configuration – this section, which we covered in the previous section, provides a quick step-by-step guide to setting up the server, but lacks some of the finer details provided in the other sections like the ability to choose which drives to include during volume creation.
System Settings – in this section you can specify the date/time settings, server name, file name encoding standards as well as set up the configuration for SMTP/SMSC servers used in sending notifications via e-mail and short message service (SMS).
Network Settings – besides specifying the LAN address settings, this section also allows you to enable various network services such as iTunes, FTP, Web File Services, Download Station and more.
Device Configuration – this is where you can specify the drive setup/volume configuration by type as well as chose which drives to use in the volume creation.
User Management – you can create users, groups and assign quotas in this section.
Network Share Management – in this section you can create and management network shares (folders) and assign permissions.
System Tools – this is a catch-all section for tools used to manage and access the TS-509 including system alerts, power management, remote login, backup functions and more.
System Logs – all of the various logs maintained by the TS-509 for events, system connection and other information can be accessed through this section.

System Settings:

There are six subsections under System Settings that allow you to basic setup features on the TS-509, some of which we've already seen during the Quick Configuration process in the previous section.

Server Name, Date & Time, File Name Encoding

We've already visited these features in the previous section where you can specify a name for the server and set the date and time parameters including the network time protocol server. During the initial setup I set the file name encoding feature using the QNAP Finder program where you can specify one of ten different languages. Since my browser defaults to English, that's what the TS-509 will use by default as well.

Configure SMTP Server

The TS-509 can send out e-mail alerts for various events on the server. Before you can enable this feature (covered under the System Tools section later on in the review) you must specify the parameters for the SMTP server you will be using to send e-mails. You can specify your SMTP server URL and whether or not to use a secure connection and the login credentials needed for authentication. There is no option to change the port used, so I assume it uses the SMTP default port which is 25. Once the server configuration is made, you can test out the feature in the System Tools/Alert Notification section.


Configure SMSC Server

In addition to e-mail, the TS-509 supports sending alerts via short message service centers (SMSC). Prior to sending text message alerts, you need to specify which service provider you will be using. By default, the server is setup to use Clickatell, a commercial SMSC service. You will need to establish an account there prior to enabling the service on the TS-509. You can also use any other provider as long as you have the proper URL template parameters set up. You need to contact your provider in order to find out what those would be.



View System Settings

This page offers a quick way to look at the server name, date/time setting and language settings. You can also see which version of the firmware you are running as well.

That finishes the basic system settings, so it's time to move on the the network settings and services section.

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