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QNAP TS-509 Pro Turbo NAS Review

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Web User Interface:

During the configuration of the TS-509 we enabled the various network services and those can be accessed through the main Web UI. There are five different offerings:
Web File Manager – the TS-509 offers an interface to access and manage files on the server directly without having to use your PC operating system's file manager. With an Internet connection and a static IP address you can even access your files from anywhere.
Web Server – the TS-509 can act as its own web server. This section on the Web UI is more of a quick tutorial on how to upload pages to the server. Actual management of the pages and any database used are done with other tools.
Multimedia Station – this section allows you to view and manage your multimedia content such as music and photo files and share them across your network.
Download Station – you can use the TS-509 to download files from FTP sites as well as schedule and manage BitTorrent downloads using the Download Station.
Surveillance Station – you can use the TS-509 to record and manage output from up to four webcams using the Surveillance Station feature.






Web File Manager

With the Web File Manager you can access the files on the NAS directly without the overhead of having to go through your local PC. This is a great feature especially when dealing with large amounts of files. Each share on the root is shown and you simply double click one to drill down into the folder. Once you've selected a share you can perform all the basic file manipulation functions such as create a folder, rename, move and delete items. You can also upload files from other network locations directly to the NAS. You can also access the files from the Internet by pointing your browser to http://Your IP Address:8080/Qfilemanager/ where “Your IP Address” is the address of the NAS. This is where using a DDNS comes in handy if you don't have a static IP address.


Web Sever

As mentioned above, the Web Server interface serves more as an introductory tutorial on how to upload your web pages to the TS-509. When the Web server was enabled in the Network Settings configuration section, the system places a \Qweb share on the root of the volume. All the web pages should be placed in this folder for the TS-509 to recognize them as part of your web site. Only the admin account has the authority to access this share.



Multimedia Station

The TS-509 provides a convenient way to manage and share your multimedia files over the network using the Multimedia Station. The files are stored in the /Qmultimedia share. You can access the multimedia folder via the Web UI or by pointing your browser to http://Your IP Address:8080/Qmultimedia/ where “Your IP Address” is the address of the NAS. You can view thumbnails of the media files and open them to view (photos) or play them (video and music). Your can also display photos as a slide show, view the photos' EXIF information and provide an annotation for the photos.



Download Station

You can download files to the TS-509 using either the built-in BitTorrent manager or directly from FTP sites. When you click on 'Add new BT task' you're prompted for the name of the torrent metadata file. Once you've located the file and click OK the torrent manager begins the download and you can monitor the download progress through the main window. By default, the BitTorrent manager will seed the file until the download is complete.





You can change the seeding behavior through the 'BT download property' section and have it continue to seed the file for a specified amount of time after the download completes. You can configure additional BitTorrent properties through the Set Config section such as download/upload rates, ports used and whether to use protocol encryption as a means of thwarting caps set by some ISPs on BitTorrent traffic. You also have the capability to limit BitTorrent activity to certain times of the day as well. Additional information on the current download task can be found in the Dump Diagnostic Information section. There is also the capability to set up downloads from FTP sites, either anonymously or with a specified user name and password.




Surveillance Station

The TS-509 can serve as a repository for video surveillance images captured from up to four different IP-enabled video cameras. Although I didn't have any cameras to use in testing this function, you can use this section to set up and monitor the cameras as well as playback the video streams from the disk.


Now that we've checked out the services available via the Web interface it's time to move on to the list of features on the TS-509.

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