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LTB Q-Bean U

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Installation couldn't be easier. Simply plug the Q-Bean and the transmitter puck into any open USB 2.0 ports. The Q-Bean will initially need to charge for 4 hours. Upon insertion, the transmitter puck will be recognized and a small balloon will pop up and inform you that new hardware has been found. Windows will automatically install the latest drivers for the component and when completed, it will be recognized as the "3-Avnera Audio" device. The Q-Bean is now ready for use. To adjust the Sound properties of the Q-Bean, you can right click the Sound icon in the taskbar and select either playback or recording devices. Another way to get into the Sound properties is to go to the Control Panel, select the Hardware and Sound icon, and select the Sound folder.




Once in the Sound menu, you can choose to configure the device or to change its properties.



If you click on the "Configure" button in the playback tab with the 3-Avnera Audio highlighted, you will be taken to the Speaker setup. From here, you can select either mono or stereo playback. On the next screen, you can enable full-range speakers. You will want to have this option enabled since you will not be using a subwoofer in conjuction with the Q-Bean.



If you click on the "Properties" button in the playback tab, you will be taken to the Speaker properties menu. If you click the "Enhancements" tab, a list of Microsoft enhancements will be available. The items that pertain to the Q-Bean are the Bass Management (reduces loss or distortion of bass signals) and Loudness Equalization (reduces percieved volume differences) enhancements.



If you click on the "Properties" button in the recording tab, you will be taken to the Speech Recognition Options. In this menu you can setup your microphone or even train your computer to follow voice commands.


If you click on the "Properties" button in the recording tab, you will be taken to the Headset Microphone properties. If you select the Levels tab, you will be able to set the volume at which the Q-Bean picks up your voice.


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