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LTB Q-Bean U

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Pictured is the puck transmitter. It will remain at your computer, but it still has a very sleek, stylish design. LTB has placed its logo on top of the pairing button located at the center of the transmitter.



The earphones have a heavy, well-made quality to them. They are designed to fit snugly inside your ear canal, providing a noise-canceling effect that helps to further immerse you into your media. The Q-Bean comes with a neck strap that helps keep the device near your ears, which is necessary since the earphones have such a short cable (about 2 feet). Not pictured is a clip on the backside of the unit that allows you to hang it from your shirt collar or cuff.



One creative and useful aspect of the Q-Bean is the way that the multi-function keys work. Below is a close-up view of the front, the left, and the right side of the Q-Bean. The button on the left side is the Power key. Press it to turn the device on. Toward the top of the Q-Bean on the same side is the input jack for the earphones. The tiny hole next to the jack is the location of the microphone. The other button on the opposite side is the Reset button. Use this to reset the device if it is not functioning properly. Also pictured is the USB port that allows you to recharge the battery. The three buttons on the face are as follows: Vol- (Press 1 second)/Reverse (Hold 3 Seconds); Pair (only used when the device is fist installed)/Play (Press 1 second)/Pause (Press 1 second)/Power off (Hold 5 seconds); and finally the Vol+ (Press 1 second)/Forward (Hold 3 Seconds). The addition of the multi-function keys definitely helps to streamline the interface while keeping the Q-Bean simple and easy to use.


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