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Intel Core2 Q6600 CPU (Updated)




From all the above results, the only reason to buy the Q6600 over the E6600 or the 6700 would be if you do a LOT of encoding, rendering etc etc. The performance boosts for compression/decompression, and encoding is unsurpassed. However, if you're a casual gamer looking to build a new gaming rig, then I'd have to recommend the E6600. Currently, there are simply too few games that fully take advantage of SMP. Even in games that fully support SMP (Rainbow 6: Vegas), you'll only see improvements of 10-15 fps, which in my mind, isn't worth the extra cost of a quad core chip. Thankfully, with the ability to overclock these processors so easily, you will be able to milk every last drop of performance from them. The raw power that these new CPU’s have to offer makes them the current crème de la crème. I would say my major concern about this processor would be the highly inaccurate temperature reporting that this CPU has.

I am currently working on finding the maximum stable overclock, as well as some high clock benchmark runs. As these Quad core CPU’s are very new there is still some software compatibility, as well as motherboard issues. While the majority of software has made the leap to utilize multiple cores, some have not. This should be a factor when you are buying a CPU, if you are looking for the absolute best in performance, then Intel’s quad core is for you. Intel is selling two models; the QX6700 and the Q6600, clocked at 2.6Ghz, and 2.4Ghz respectively. While the Q6600 is not an ‘Extreme’ model, it still packs more than enough of a punch to tackle even the most hardcore of tasks. Hands down, this Intel Q6600 is the fastest CPU that I have ever had the chance to use, it does very in benchmarks, and sets the bar for other processors. When multi threaded applications are finally main stream, those of us who have one of these chips will be in the spot light for performance. Be sure to check out our forums for my updates on overclocking this CPU with other motherboards that are coming up for review!

With the addition of the 5400X2 from AMD it still does not have the punch that you get from Intel. But if you are on a very tight budget the AMD still does give you acceptable framerates just not as much as Intel's.

After looking over the benchmarks, it’s hard to pick a clear cut winner; but in price vs performance you definitely have to look strongly at the E6600. With overclocking, these CPU’s have the ability to reach 4ghz and that makes them much more appealing for the price. In the gaming benchmarks, you can see just how well the E6400, E6600 and E6700 do against the quad. Now if you have the need for major multi tasking, then the quad is probably a better option. We will be adding more CPU’s to our benchmarking list as the weeks go by so keep checking back often to see how the rest stack up against the quad.



Performance (In multi-threaded apps)
Thermal Control


Poor Temperature Reporting



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