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Intel Core2 Q6600 CPU (Updated)



And finally on to the overclocking of this new monster of a chip. I have played with the overclock of this CPU for a while and was able to get up to 3Ghz, which was mostly benchmark stable. Running the CPU up to 334x9 to bring me up to a blistering 3006Mhz, and 1336Mhz FSB. Though I did have to up the core voltage to 1.5V to get a bit more stability for the benchmarks, the Maya test in Specview did force a reboot everytime (no matter what the voltage was set to). I am sure that there is more headroom on this CPU. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be testing and finding the maximum stable OC that I can achieve. Even with the overclock, Quake 4, and Sisoftsandra would not run, I was unable to figure out why, but when / if I do there will be an update posted!

You can find all of the overclocked results within the testing / benchmark graphs on the previous pages.

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