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Prolimatech PK-2 & PK-3 TIM Review

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Closer Look:

As with virtually every other liquid TIM, the Prolimatech PK-2 and PK-3 come in syringes. Sizes range from 1.5g, 5g, up to 30g. Each syringe is labeled to resemble the boxes that they came in, and warn to keep away from children, and avoid contact with eyes and mouth. The 30g syringes use a twist cap while the smaller sized syringes have caps that just pop on and off, although twisting makes it easier.

The 1.5g syringes come with a piece of cardboard paper for spreading while the larger syringes get makeup spatulas for easy spreading. The proper application of TIM varies on its thickness and what it is being used on. Most IHS cores are fine with a drop of TIM in the center except when used with direct heatpipe heat sinks where grooves cause the paste to travel unevenly. On bare cores and thermoelectric cooler blocks it is crucial to spread the TIM over the whole surface or else hot spots can form and cause deterioration. Thinner pastes are easily spread by heat sink mounting or by hand whereas thicker pastes won't cooperate with manual spreading. Spreading methods can be highly contested but for applications on an IHS the key part is to have paste above the core-region; having paste at the outer edges provide little to no difference. So spreading by hand on the IHS or letting the heat sink do it doesn't matter much except in those few instances.










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