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ProlimaTech MK-13 Multi VGA Cooler Review

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To test the graphics card heatsinks I ran two batteries of tests: idle and load for the stock heatsink, Sapphire Vapor-X heatsink, and ProlimaTech MK-13 heatsink without a fan, with a single low CFM fan, single high CFM 38mm wide fan, and dual low CFM fans. Both the stock and Vapor-X heatsinks were left on auto for one iteration and then set for 100% fan speed on another to get the best case scenario possible for those heatsinks. Furmark was used to get the load numbers after a 15-minute run, between runs a cool down was allowed to let temperatures settle back down. GPU-z was used to monitor the temperatures.


Testing Setup:






Passive cooling a 5870 was not possible with the MK-13 as once it hit 90C the card began throttling to keep it safe, once it hit 99C testing was aborted for safety since passive wouldn't work. With the addition of a single fan however, it handily beats the stock cooler running on automatic speed. With a larger 38mm width fan the temperatures were at their best and beat all other results. Dual low CFM 25mm fans performed 9C better than with just a single fan and edged out the Vapor-X on automatic speeds. At 100% both the Vapor-X and stock heatsink got similar scores. It is unfortunate that overclocking results weren't possible where real differences could possibly have been better observed.

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