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PowerColor Radeon HD 7870 Myst Edition Crossfire Review

Category: Video Cards
Price: $458
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PowerColor Radeon HD 7870 Myst Edition Crossfire Introduction:

Earlier this year I took a look at PowerColor's entry into the Tahiti LE market with the PowerColor PCS+ HD 7870 Myst Edition. It was able to fill a price and performance point for AMD delivering great performance in that niche when compared to NVIDIA's GTX 660Ti. Priced at $239, it offered up a significant value at the time. Equipped with a cut down 28nm Tahiti core labeled Tahiti LE, it comes equipped with 1536 stream processors, 32 ROPs, 96 texture units, and 2GB of GDDR5 memory running through a 256-bit memory bus. Clock speeds for the HD 7870 Myst Edition are 925MHz with a boost state of 975MHz while the memory clock speed stays at a static 1500MHz. The use of the Tahiti LE core allows the Myst Edition to deliver a higher level of gaming performance than the Pitcairn-based HD 7870 we currently know so well.

Spicing this offering up feature-wise as I noted in the single card review is the use of PowerColor's PCS+ (Professional Cooling System) cooling system that runs up to 15% cooler and quieter than a reference design, PowerColor's Gold Power Kit digital VRM that improves stability while increasing overclocking margins, and is Windows 8 UEFI ready. As we saw in the review, the performance delivered against the GTX 660Ti from NVIDIA scaled up and down depending on the game engine and how well it was optimized for one architecture or the other.

With the addition of another PowerColor HD 7870 Myst Edition, it's time to see just how well this card scales when a second card is added to a gaming system and again how well it fares against a pair of GTX 660Tis in SLI. Testing a pair in Crossfire is especially interesting now that AMD has stated it now has a driver capable of reducing the impact of a massive frame latency hit when running Crossfire configurations. As a $240 card, adding a second Powercolor HD 7870 Myst Edition into your system is a way to improve performance for not a lot of additional cash outlay. Let's hope that AMD has fixed its drivers and see where the data takes us as far as performance metrics and actual game play.

PowerColor Radeon HD 7870 Myst Edition Crossfire Closer Look:

The premise of this article is pure and simple; its purpose is to see how well this mid range offering from PowerColor, the HD 7870 Myst Edition, performs in a Crossfire configuration and then comparing the results against those of a pair of GTX 660Ti cards to see which combination of cards delivers the best gaming performance. A simple concept that should prove out whether or not one configuration is better than the other.








If you want to take a deeper look at the cards used in this comparison you can find them here and here. Let's get to it and find out which combo is going to deliver not only the highest FPS but the best "feel" in game.

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