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Powercolor ATi Radeon 9800 XT Video Card Review


Catalyst 3.8 Drivers (Continued)

New 3D tab

If you're currently an ATI video card owner and you're running Catalyst 3.7 or older then you will notice this new re-design in Catalyst 3.8. In previous Catalyst driver releases, there was an OpenGL tab and a Direct 3D tab under Advance display properties. In the Catalyst 3.8 driver release ATi has moved both of the settings under one tab called, 3D. I suppose they thought it would be less cluttered and easier for new people to find the settings.

You will also notice ATI has implemented some predefined settings for both Direct3D and OpenGL. The predefined settings can be adjusted based on Performance or Quality. This is useful for people who have no idea how to setup each individual setting. There is also the option to setup different profiles for Direct3D and also for OpenGL. This might come in handy if you wanted to customize the graphic settings in each game that you play.

For the more advance users you can click on custom settings and setup all of the configurations manually. Under the custom settings area you can adjust: Anti-Aliasing (up to 6x), Anisotropic Filtering (up to 16x), Texture Quality, Mipmap Detail, Vsync, & Truform.

A new setting in Catalyst 3.8 is the Smartshader effects tab. Under this tab you can apply pixel shader effects to both OpenGL and Direct3D games. The different effects are: Normal (Off), Black & White, Inverse, Classic, Porthole, RGB Cycle, and Stylize. The effects really serve no purpose from what I can see, and I don't know why anyone would run them. Although, I guess it would be cool to play Battlefield 1942 in Black & White.

  1. Introduction & What's Included
  2. In-depth Look
  3. Catalyst 3.8 Drivers
  4. Catalyst 3.8 Drivers (Continued)
  5. Test Suite & Setup
  6. Benchmark: X2
  7. Benchmark: UT2K3
  8. Benchmark: Halo
  9. Benchmark: Gun Metal
  10. Benchmark: 3DMark03
  11. Benchmark: Aquamark 3
  12. Benchmark: Shadermark 2.0
  13. Benchmark: Code Creatures
  14. Overclocking & Conclusion
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