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PowerColor R9 285 Turbo Duo Review

Category: Video Cards
Price: $249

PowerColor R9 285 Turbo Duo Introduction:

This week brought not just one but two launches from AMD's product stack. We saw the release of AMD's FX refresh that introduced a pair of new processors, including the FX-8370 and FX-8370E. The second half of the launch includes the introduction of the R9 285. It is a card that is equipped with AMD's Tonga core to deliver performance roughly equal to that of the R9 280 and deliver a crushing blow to the GTX 760 that currently occupies the targeted $250 price point, or sweet spot, where the bulk of video card purchases are made. The initial look at all the R9 285's featured factory built and overclocked cards.

To that end the card I will be looking at today is from PowerColor. Named the R9 285 Turbo Duo this card features PowerColor's proprietary cooling solution that employs a pair of double bladed fans to push more airflow through the cooling solution while running quieter than reference designs by up to 13%. Packed with proprietary technology, PowerColor's rendition is sure to deliver on its performance targets thanks to a custom PCB and Gold Power Kit 5+1+1 phase power circuit, while everything is kept cool thanks to the Turbo Duo cooling solution.

It should prove interesting to see if a card that comes in such a small package can handle 1080p gaming, although AMD states that the card is capable of 1440+ gaming. Time to dig into the packaging to get a first look at what comes from PowerColor.

PowerColor R9 285 Turbo Duo Closer Look:

The packaging of the PowerColor R9 285 Turbo Duo is reminiscent of the package I saw when I looked at an earlier version of the series. The front panel shows that this card features PowerColor's exclusive double bladed fans to push the airflow through the heat pipe-based cooling solution. Also noted on the front, outside of the AMD and Windows specific features, is an icon that shows this card is a factory overclocked version of the R9 285. The back panel lists the product specifications and illustrates the PowerColor proprietary features such as the Gold Power Kit power circuits, the dual blade fans, and heat pipe-based cooling solution that are said to run 13% quieter and 15% cooler than a reference design. Inside the outer sleeve is a plain brown box that holds the video card and any accessories. An accessory bundle is included with this card, but consists of a users manual. I would venture to say the driver disc will be included in full retail boxes.




The R9 285 is poised in an intricate spot both as far as gaming potential is concerned, but also from the price point of $250. Let's take a look and see what PowerColor adds to the table with this package.

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