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PowerColor PCS+ 5770 Review

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Overall, the PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB of memory performed very strong - not quite always at the level of a Radeon HD 4890, but on occasion matching or even beating the Vapor-X from Sapphire. Performing around the level of a GTX260, but at a much lower price point, is also very good for the price vs. performance argument. Microsoft DirectX 11 supported games are finally coming out, and the graphics card included a free Dirt 2 voucher. The Eyefinity is another bonus for users looking at running multiple monitors as well, since each card can support up to three monitors. Thanks to the ATI PowerPlay power saving feature, the 5-series cards idle very cool (low 30s Celsius, idle) and are good for office work, while being readily capable of gaming at a moment's notice. Without extra memory cooling and voltage control, the overclocking headroom isn't great, but is reasonable enough. 100% fan speed is audible, but with music or decent gaming noise it gets drowned out very easily. Also, the accessory pack was solid enough - capped video outputs, the free Dirt 2 game, manual, driver disk, CrossFire dongle, and DVI to VGA adapter.

The only real con that immediately comes to mind is the limited overclockability of the card - although a volt mod should easily remedy that. The overclocks that I attained weren't bad, just not stellar either. Other than that, there isn't really anything to complain about that is immediately pertinent.



  • Solid accessory pack
  • Great operating temperatures
  • Low energy requirements (PowerPlay)
  • ATI Eyefinity
  • Free Dirt 2 game
  • Quiet fan noise



  • Average overclockability
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