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PowerColor HD5770 Crossfire Review

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What is there to say about the PowerColor HD5770 in a CrossFireX setup other than "Wow!"? The performance of the PowerColor HD5770 in a single card setup was about mid-range when it came down to the benchmarking scores, synthetic and real-world gaming performance. However, once you threw a second card into the setup, you were able to see some great numbers beginning to pop out. For example, the scaling from single card to CrossFireX in Futuremark 3DMark06 at 2560 x 1600 was 62% at stock speeds and 55% once the cards were overclocked. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 at 2560 x 1600 at stock speeds there was an increase of 87% and once overclocked we saw an 88% increase! When it comes down to the power consumption of the cards, once they were overclocked and at full load with CrossFireX enabled, the entire system never went over 347 watts. At stock speeds, 335 watts was the highest power consumption seen. The downfall of the single slot cooling solution was that the temperatures did get quite high during testing. They hit a high of 89°C during the overclocked full load testing with CrossFireX enabled. That was with both fans at 100% fan speed, which was quite loud and a little annoying when compared to the other fans I have heard. Overclocking of the cards was not as impressive as I was hoping for. With one card in use, I was only able to get an extra 9% increase on the core and 11% on the memory. The overclocking window declined when I had two cards installed. The second card was unable to keep up with the higher clock speeds of the first and I was only able to get an extra 7% on the core and 10% on the memory.

If you are looking for a new video card setup that is not going to break the bank and still give you some really good performance, you should check out the PowerColor HD5770s in CrossFireX. These cards were able to beat out quite a few of the competition with CrossFireX enabled, such as the Sapphire HD5870, ASUS ENGTX465, PowerColor HD6870 and the XFX HD6870 in the Batman Arkham Asylum 2560 x 1600 overclocked testing.



  • Performance
  • Power consumption
  • Single slot cooling solution
  • CrossFireX scaling



  • Fan noise
  • Temperatures
  • Overclocking
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