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PowerColor HD5770 Review

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Closer Look:

As we all know, the PowerColor HD5770 is the newest card that has been released by ATI, following the HD5870. This card comes packaged with a full coverage fan casing, which is going to allow the fan to suck in fresh air from outside the card's casing and blow it over not only the core, but the memory and all of the other components, such as the voltage regulators, as well. The overall color scheme of the HD5770 from PowerColor is black with some red accents like the fan and the racing stripe that runs down the center of the card. Taking a look at the back of the card, you are going to see that even the GPU retention bracket has a black color to it. The top of the card is where you are going to see more air vent holes to allow the air to flow freely in and out of card's covering; the vents are surrounded in a red plastic covering.














The front of the card is where you are going to find all of the connections you may use to connect a display. You can do this via either one of the two DVI ports, the HDMI port, or the DisplayPort that is included on the card. All of the ports do come with a "smoked" plastic covering to help keep dust out of the inside of the connection. There is an exhaust vent at the front of the card to expel some of the hot air from inside of the card. At the rear of the card is where you are going to find more vents increasing airflow within the card; the rear vents have a red accent coloring around the openings.



The PowerColor HD5770 has two Crossfire ports at the top of the card, this is going to allow you to place a second, or a third, HD5770 card into your computer and create a Crossfire or CrossfireX setup that is going to increase the performance of your machine. Hiding inside the top air vent is the 6-pin PCI Express power adapter.



Now that we know exactly what the card looks like, let's take a look at the specifications and then we are off to see how well this thing is going to be able to perform!


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