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PowerColor HD5770 Review

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What is there to say about the PowerColor HD5770 card other than "WOW!"? When you take a look at the numbers that the PowerColor HD5770 was able to produce and compare them to the numbers of other cards, you are going to see that about 80% of the time, the HD5770 was able to give the GTX260 a run for its money. I was surprised when I was able to get the core to clock all the way up to 950MHz and the memory to clock all the way up to 1400MHz! With all of this performance priced under $160 at release, which is about $30 cheaper than a majority of the GTX260 cards that are still for sale on Newegg.com, you are going to be able to see exactly how well ATI has planned not only the release of the card but also how much time and effort the company has put into the development of the card. The HD5xxx series is the first series to be launched with DX11 support; even though there are currently no DX11 titles available, we should start to see some of them popping up as early as the fourth quarter of 2009, such as DIRT 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. Aliens vs. Predator and Lord of the Rings Online are scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2010 and there are even more titles in the works that are scheduled to be released later in 2010.

The other impressive part of the PowerColor HD5770 is the fact that it uses such a small amount of power; the maximum board rating is 108 Watts at the 850MHz core clock and the 1200MHz memory clock, however, when it is sitting idle, you are going to be seeing as low as 18 Watts being used by the card! This is impressive and going to be a huge turn on for those of you who are looking to lower your power bills. If you are looking for a new video card to get you ready for DX11 and give you some great results, I would take a serious look at the PowerColor HD5770.


  • Price to performance ratio
  • 40nm manufacturing technology
  • DX11 compatible
  • Overclockability
  • Power consumption



  • No DX11 games
  • Loud card at 100% fan speed


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