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PowerColor HD 4890 Review

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To test out this latest video card from PowerColor I will run it through a series of game tests and synthetic benchmarks to see just how the performance compares to that delivered by similar video cards, as well as its direct competition from the green camp. The OverclockersClub test system will be run as listed with the processor at 3.0GHz. The respective video card settings that will be used are the driver defaults with settings made in game as noted to provide as few variables as possible.


Testing Setup:

Comparison Video Cards:



Overclocked settings:

  • PowerColor HD 4890  970/1060

Overclocking the HD 4890 from Powercolor was no different than any other ATI based video card I have looked at. To make sure the HD4890 stayed as cool as possible, I increased the fan speed to 100% in the Catalyst Control Panel and was greeted with the old familiar sound that the ATI reference cooling solutions deliver at full song. But it does keep the card relatively cool to the tune of 55C under load. I then went straight to the clock speeds and started bumping up both the RV790 core and GDDR5 memory, first on the GPU core and then on the memory. I found the maximum stable speed for each sub system and then worked to find the best combination of both memory and GPU core speed. Individually, the core and memory could run slighty higher speeds but together, the best I could manage was 970MHz on the RV790 core and 1060MHz on the GDDR5 memory. This is an increase of 115MHz or roughly a 14% increase - not too shabby. Percentage wise, the memory increase is less dramatic at 85MHz or just under 9%. Again, not too bad, but you always want more. The question is, will the clock speed increases work out to the same increase in performance? Read on!

  • Video:
  1. Far Cry 2
  2. Crysis Warhead
  3. BioShock
  4. Call of Duty World at War
  5. Dead Space
  6. Fallout 3
  7. Left 4 Dead
  8. 3DMark 06 Professional
  9. 3DMark Vantage


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