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PowerColor HD3450 Review

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The HD3450 is designed as a next generation card supporting all of the newest techlologies and that it does well. This card is not designed for the gaming market and you will not be playing games at those ultra high graphics, but it is great for movie playback and running Vista's features. The HD3450 has a low profile design which makes it ideal for home theater PCs, but keep in mind the heatsink is big and will take up part of the expansion slot below it, keeping you from placing a card in it. The upside to the size of the heatsink is that it is a passive solution, something that makes the most sense for use in an HTPC case.

I was able to overclock the card to its limits reaching 641MHz on the GPU from 600MHz and 495MHz on the memory from 400MHz. That is a substantial overclock, which added to its performance but also generated quite a bit more heat. If you are looking for a really cost effective video card to a workstation or home theater PC, I would highly recomend the HD3450, but if gaming is your style, stay away and save your money for a more advanced card because you will be disappointed. The things the HD3450 is designed to do, it does well. It reduced the load on the CPU by 9% when compared to the integrated graphics solution, this shows the strength of the onboard decoding capabilities. It worked well with the IGP while in Crossfire mode to increase graphics performance and above all it provided a clear crisp picture, all at a modest price.



  • Superb Video Playback
  • Very Inexpensive Card.
  • Supports DirectX 10.1
  • Low Profile Design
  • CrossfireX and Hybrid Crossfire Capable
  • Large Passive Cooling Solution



  • Card Runs Really Hot
  • Not As Fast As the HD3470, Which is Priced About the Same

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