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PowerColor 6850 PCS+ Review

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The PowerColor HD 6850 PCS+ is a true contender in an already crowded market. Offering a substantial overclock right out of the box, this card does not by any means let its other PCS+ brethren down. When pushed to its absolute limits without voltage tweaking, the card performs right up next to the 6870 on some benchmarks, which is an impressive feat for any mid-range priced card. The "Performance Cooling System" worked as promised and then some - not only did its pure copper base and heat pipes keep things cool, but the enlarged 90mm fan ensured that the temperatures were achieved at very acceptable noise levels.

There is a very large gap between the flat out benchmark crusher and the everyday gamer. Benchmark crushers simply want the biggest and the baddest equipment out there no matter what. Everyday gamers simply want a smooth gaming experience whenever they sit down to have some fun, without breaking the bank. They don't want to have some obnoxiously loud fan spinning up in the background whenever they launch their favorite game, and they surely don't want volcanic thermals shooting out at their ankles. This 6850 meets an excellent balance between price and performance, and even leaves a good bit of headroom to increase longevity, which goes hand in hand with the card's extended three year warranty. Speaking of headroom, although my overclock to 974MHz was good, I have no doubt that once your favorite tweaking programs are updated, there will be a bit more juice available to squeeze out of this baby, so just keep your fingers crossed. Everyday gamers, your card has arrived!



  • Factory Overclocked
  • Extended 3-Year Warranty
  • Low Temperatures
  • Lots of Display Outputs
  • Eyefinity
  • Quiet Copper Cooling System
  • Price



  • Not a Benchmark Crusher
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