PMI 3200-1024DP Turbo Memory Review

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Reviewed on: March 20, 2004
PMI Memory
PMI Memory
Price: $200 USD

Today we will be looking at the Turbo line of memory from PMI. Personally I have never heard of PMI as I'm sure many of you have too, but their looking to change that with there recently released Turbo line. PMI covers both AMD and INTEL users with speeds of up to PC4500. The Turbo series is also available in both single and matched pairs, with multiple latency's for some speeds. Today we will be testing PMI's 3200-1024DP. The 3200-1024DP offers low latencies of CAS2 3-3-6, and will be compared to Corsair's TwinX1024-3200LLPRO. Let's see what the 3200-1024DP has to offer.

About PMI

PMI (Power Memory International) has been a professional DRAM module manufacturer and IC component provider since 1990. We have been focused to become a leading SDRAM and DDR memory module manufacturer for high-end servers/workstations as well as desktops and notebooks.

Our main product lines are TurboMemory, PowerMemory and Server Memory modules. The Turbo Memory is designed for extreme performance and optimum stability at extraordinary high clock speed. The PowerMemory is 100% guaranteed to be compatible and reliable with today's desktop and notebook systems. The Server Memory has been certified by Computer Memory Test Lab (CMTL) to be ultra reliable for mission critical high-end servers and workstations.

Part PMI3200-1024DP
Package 1024MB Kit Dual Channel
Organization (2) 64M x 64-bit
CAS Latency 2-3-3-6
Voltage 2.6v
PCB Board 6 Layers
Heat Spreader Platinum Copper
Speed DDR 400 Mhz (PC3200)
Type 184-pin DDR SDRAM
Error Checking Non-ECC
Registered/Unbuffered Unbuffered
Warranty Lifetime

Closer Look

The PMI3200-1024 is a matched pair set of two 512Mb modules optimized for dual channel platforms. It comes in a plastic package to prevent damage from shipping. heatspreaders for RAM or for memory on video cards are there more for looks. I have never seen a difference in the stability, cooling, or overclocking ability from using them. The platnuim spreaders used by PMI look great, and would really stand out in a lighted case. PMI also offers gold heatspreaders giving you two color options.

Curious to see what chips what chips where used I popped the heatspreader off of one module. The chips used were Winbond CH-5 these a very common on performance PC3200 and PC3500 ram. With a 6 layer PCB PMI is set out to make a splash in the performance memory market.

I will be comparing the PMI with Corsairs Twinx1024-3200LLPRO. Both sets offer low latencies, but corsair has a lower row precharge of 2. This should give the corsair a slight advantage, but I wanted to see how the 1024DP stood against other performance memory.

Test System
  • AthlonXP 2500+
  • Abit NF7-S
  • ATI 9800PRO

  • The 1024DP showed some great numbers considering its higher latencies. With an almost unchanged systems score and small difference between the memory score. Running neck and neck with the corsair is impressive.

    Again we see a slight difference in scores with the Corsair pulling ahead slightly, but again the 1024dp is right on Corsairs heels


    Overall, the overclocking was somewhat lacking. I was only able to achieve a FSB of 216MHZ (432DDR) at stock latencies and 2.7 VDIMM with the 1024DP. Even with relaxed timings and 2.8 volts, Prime95 failed at anything past 216FSB. When overclocking, the 1024DP yielded similar results as the Corsair because they both used Winbond CH-5 chips. Again we see the 1024DP pulling in some solid numbers but still trailing the Corsair slightly.


    I was quite impressed with the performance of the PMI3200-1024DP. With the platinum heat spreaders and lifetime warranty you can't beat the price of around $200. I was pretty impressed at how close the performance was against the Corsair, but I can live with the small trade off in performance for the lower price of the 1024DP. Both sets of memory were able to overclock about the same amount, and the difference in price makes the PMI a more attractive buy. Offering great performance at low cost, PMI is on the right track to making a name for their company in the performance memory market.