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Pivos Aios HD Media Centre Review

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Is the Aios worth purchasing? If you are looking to dabble a bit with the idea of an HTPC but do not want to spend several hundred dollars, this product is an excellent choice as a foray into that realm. Its modest price and more than sufficient ability as a dedicated media playback machine with a few extra goodies ought to adequately tempt anyone sitting on the edge. Its ease-of-use should be particularly attractive to those more familiar with the Windows or Apple OS, as it has a simple and straightforward GUI. The Aios also has a decent number of connection options for both A/V output and storage expansion that can easily make the Aios a formidable media library.

The only particular shortcoming experienced with the Aios is its lack of mouse functionality. Since mouse connectivity is an advertised feature, I am even more disappointed that it is absent. The lack of mouse support makes web browsing rather tedious, though not impossible. Web browsing would simply be a more pleasant experience on the Aios if it were available. Keyboard functionality is somewhat aloof regarding text input, although it works well enough for menu navigation in place of the remote. These small grievances do not entirely spoil the Aios experience; ultimately, the only reason not to try it for yourself is a lack of interest in HTPC or media center-like devices.



  • Sleek and attractive
  • Fair amount of connectivity
  • Easy to use and navigate menus/programs
  • Modestly priced



  • Mice will not function
  • Keyboard functionality is questionable
  • Confusing inclusion of several Asian language-only applications


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