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PC Doctor Service Center 6 Review

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Overall, I found the software in the PC Doctor Service Center 6 easy to use. Navigating through the menus was a simple painless process. The ability to build your own suite of tests to diagnose hardware issues is a great thing. Having easy to use hardware testing tools takes the guess work out of the equation when the time comes to put your reputation on the line. It does not matter whether it is personally or professionally. You know who I am talking about if you are the neighborhood IT guy. Easily, the most useful part of the bundle of tools has to be the PCI post card. While many high end motherboards have built in diagnostic LEDs, not everyone has the top of the line enthusiast grade boards in their system. What this means for the average home user or professional tech is another avenue to take rather than the opinions and parts swapping that eventually gets you to the problem. Many times the cash outlay gets to be enough that the system could be replaced for what was spent in parts. While the power supply does not show the voltage on an LED it is still a handy device to have around. It actually works. Having just an LED to tell you good or bad is better than nothing at all. For the professional, the PC Doctor Service Center 6 could be an addition to your test regimen. For the home user, the Service center 6 is an all in one tool to help you easily diagnose those little hiccups you sometimes see.

The one drawback is the entry price for the Service center 6. If you are a pro this tool will pay for itself in short order. For the home user(Neighborhood IT guy)it may take substantially longer to break even. If you have to have the latest and greatest tools at home then this tool is one to add to the long list you already have!



  • Easy to use software
  • Detailed reporting
  • PCI Post card
  • Power supply tester
  • Works with Vista
  • Saves time
  • Saves money



  • Price (For the home user)


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