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Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-8500 RAM Review

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Now comes the fun part. I will be trying to see how far I can overclock these ram modules and still pass all of the above tests. There are a couple of issues I had to deal with here. I am somewhat limited by my motherboard as I said before, particularly due to the fact that I can only choose 2.4v for the ram and the fact that the only way to set the ram to a higher frequency is by raising the fsb speed which in turn raised the speed of my Intel processor. Also, the OCZ is only rated for up to 2.25 volts. I am pushing beyond that, but by doing so, I invalidate my warranty and may damage my memory. Just so you know, if you try this at home, be warned it may damage your goods and void your warranty. Just stay in manufacturers specs if you want to keep the warranty on your goods. Yes, it is true that raising my processor speed will affect the scores; it is of no consequence here because I am doing the same exact thing for each set of ram. The only thing different in the tests is the ram itself.

First, I reran all the tests with a clock speed on the ram of 1080 MHz at timings again of 5-5-5-9 and 2.3 volts. Both sets of modules passed all of the tests at these settings.


Cachemem Test at 1080MHz

Higher is Better


Higher is Better

SiSoft Sandra Latency Test

Lower is Better

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Specifications
  3. Testing, Benchmarks & Apps
  4. Overclocking
  5. Overclocking - Part 2
  6. Overclocking - Part 3
  7. Overclocking - Part 4
  8. Conclusion
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