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Patriot Torqx 128GB SSD Review

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Closer Look:

The Torqx is a 2.5 inch form factor drive. While small, it definitely packs a punch. The top side of the drive has a holographic decal that shows the capacity, as well as some of the specifications. The back side of the drive is covered in clear plastic for protection . To mount the Patriot Torqx 128GB drive, you have a couple of options. On the bottom you have four threaded holes for attaching the drive to the supplied adapter, or you can use the mounting holes on the side. Specifications on the Torqx include sequential read speeds of up to 280MB/s, Raid 0,1 and 0+1 support, operating temperatures of 0C - 70C, and excellent shock resistance. Patriot has sealed the drive to verify the integrity of the components inside. With a ten year warranty, there really is no need to delve into the innards when I can do that here. Ten years is an industry leading warranty that will give you confidence that your purchase will be around for the long haul.












Connections on the Torqx drive are limited to the SATA data connection and power connection. The small 2-pin plug is for attaching the supplied jumper, when you are ready to flash the firmware on this drive. Right above the connections, you have the model number serial number and revision, something you will need when you flash the drive, so it is best to write this down on your manual and store it someplace where you can find it.


Pulling the drive apart will void your ten year warranty, so if you are curious as to what comes inside the drive here you go. There are four screws that hold the back plate on. Once removed, the insides are accessible. Inside you will find the PCB that holds the NAND flash memory modules. Patriot is using the INDILINX "Barefoot" Controller with a 64MB cache buffer that helps remove the stuttering that plagued earlier drives. The 64GB drive did not have any memory on the top side of the PCB when I opened that drive, but the top and bottom of the PCB are populated with Samsung modules that carry the part number K9HCG08U1M.




Mounting the drive in a chassis is made much easier with the inclusion of the adapter plate.  Use the supplied screws to mount the Torqx drive to the Patriot labeled adapter and slide it into a 3.5 inch drive bay or tool-less drive carriage and you are ready to go.



How will this drive fare in comparison to other drives? It's time to find out.


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