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Patriot Inferno 120GB SSD Review

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The Patriot Inferno drive was a mix of decent speed with unwanted inconsistencies. There were too many ups and downs during the testing that could not give a definitive look at the performance. We have seen this with a few SandForce based drives in the past and it comes down to how the manufacturers tweak the firmware for the hardware in the drive.

Now don't get me wrong, the Patriot Inferno is a great solid state drive. At the 4k level it seems to just blow past the other drives, but when you look at the scores as a whole it was slower than the Callisto series from Mushkin and would run great on one benchmark and not another. I tried several different methods to try and fix the issues including secure erasing, zero filling the drive, and even trying different allocation sizes during the format and the results were always the same. The write scores were what suffered the most. They were nowhere near the maximum and lacked when pitted head-to-head against the Callisto.

The downfalls point to the firmware and with an update, this drive could well be the leader of the pack. We have seen with other manufacturers drives, when an update is received they regain the performance that was lost with original firmware. Hopefully Patriot will fix this with an update.

Now with all of that out the the way, the SandForce series drives are among the top and even with the inconsistencies, it is still faster then older generation drives and those that use the aging INDILIX controllers. As with any SSD, price and capacity are huge factors and need to be taken into consideration when making a purchase. Patriot has always put out great things and their SSD's show it. If you are into wanting the high speed rush of solid state drives, Patriot should be on your list - just be prepared to pay the SSD premium.



  • 20% extra capacity (compared to other SandForce-based SSDs)
  • 2.5" to 3.5" adapter included
  • TRIM support for Windows 7
  • Price per GB better than most SandForce-based drives



  • Inconsistent scores
  • Slower writes than compared drives
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