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Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB PC2-9600 DDR2-1200MHz Review

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Now this is the part that excites me. I love being able to see how far you can push a piece of hardware past its rated limits. However, this is also where I was disapointed. No matter how hard I tried — and I tried for hours — I could not get this memory to go beyond 1200MHz. I upped the voltage to the breaking point of safe limits, I loosened up the timings to see if it would be stable ... but no matter what I did, the memory would not pass memtest86+ for me to even try to boot into Windows without hosing my system. I was expecting even a little overclock, but nothing, not even 5MHz.  I would expect for being an "Extreme" set of RAM that it would be able to overclock easy, but this was not the case.


CPU-Z - Here is a shot of the specs running at 600MHz. As you can see, the timings and speed were automatically adjusted by the BIOS using the EPP profile set in the RAM.







  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Specifications
  3. Testing: CPU-Z, TaskManager
  4. Testing: PCMark05, Sandra
  5. Testing: Cachemem, Far Cry
  6. Overclocking: Results
  7. Conclusion
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