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Patriot 64GB Torqx SSD Review

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After using this drive as my main OS drive for about two weeks now, I can say that I am sold on the merits of the latest generation of solid state drives. Having gotten used to using an Intel SSD, I was afraid that the stuttering problems of the earlier JMicron-controlled drives would manifest themselves. But once I pulled the drive open and found that the TORQX uses the INDILinx controller, those fears were quickly erased. The 64GB TORQX delivers great read and write performance with access times that make traditional drives look like they are running in slow motion. At 64GB, this drive is a little small for a full-on install. My normal everyday computer has over 200GB worth of installed programs and I would not be able to run this drive in that system the way it is configured. Have no fear though Patriot offers SSD's in sizes up to 256GB in size for those that want only a Solid State Drive. This drive is better used as a drive with the OS and a slim set of programs and then use a traditional drive for storage just based on cost concerns. The one downside to going the SSD route is the cost per gigabyte of space. The 64GB Patriot TORQX retails for around $220. While that may seem high, it is a fair sight better than drives released just six months ago and still much less expensive than the Intel drives. The price point for most drives in this class is in the $190 plus range. Performance degradation as the flash memory is filled up has been well documented. Patriot has a solution that seems to work well. The Performance Restore utility actually cleans memory pages so that the drive can perform optimally. Firmware updates also help the drives maintain peak performance by improving the wear leveling algorithms, helping contribute to a longer life cycle. When this drive was released, the warranty on the TORQX line was a two year warranty. Patriot has stepped up to the plate with this drive and now offer a 10 year warranty that covers all TORQX series drives and even covers drives purchased before the warranty period was extended. That's how you take care of people. Excellent performance, outstanding warranty, included mounting hardware, firmware updates ready to go, and a utility to keep the drive performing at a high level, make the TORQX drive from Patriot one to keep on your list when you plan to make the switch to solid state drives.



  • 10 year Warranty
  • Wiper tool
  • New firmware right away
  • Read performance
  • Write performance
  • No stuttering



  • Price


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