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Palit GTX 260 Review

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The proper setup of any new hardware begins with the installation of the drivers. Without the drivers, the full functionality of this high-end card is lost. So rather than lose out on the immense capabilities of the Palit GTX 260, start out by inserting the supplied driver disk into any optical drive in your computer and wait for the Autorun process to start. Once started, the Installation GUI gives you several options to choose from.











The first option is to install the drivers. By choosing this option, the process starts with DirectX installation, then moves to the Nvidia driver installation GUI. After both items are in place, the program requires a reboot to complete the installation.



Other options are available, excluding the Exit feature. The Browse Disk option allows the user to look through the Read Me files, and allows for a manual installation. The Help feature is there if you have installation issues, or need help with troubleshooting problems.



Once the installation is complete, you can modify the performance or visual quality of the signal sent to the display. Under 3D Settings, you can adjust the video quality via a preview that offers three options, or you can manually set up a general profile, and set up individual profiles for many of the games on the market today. Setting the Multi GPU mode can be used to turn off multi GPU mode (SLI), so that multiple monitors can be utilized. This, of course, only can be used when two GTX 260 video cards are installed on a motherboard supporting that function. Each subsection allows for adjusting certain parameters, and can be explored and manipulated to give the best viewing experience.



The question is, just how much of a performance drop will I see with the lower clock speeds, fewer processing cores, and reduced memory when compared to the GTX 280? I can't wait to find out!


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