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Palit GT 240 Sonic Review

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Closer Look:

The Palit GT 240 Sonic is intended to fit between the GT 220 and 9800GT video cards in terms of performance, with twice the CUDA cores of the GT 220 at 96; it is also built upon the same 40nm fabrication process. Some GT 240s are packed with 512MB of memory, but this card comes packing 1GB of GDDR5 running through a 128-bit bus. The core is set to 585MHz while the Shaders are at 1424MHz. The Samsung memory is set at 1890MHz. The core is cooled by a petite black heatsink with a bright orange fan and the memory modules remain without cooling. Memory modules are on both sides of the video card, the ones on the top will get some air from the heatsink but otherwise have no cooling either. With the card design it does take up two expansion slots but the overall size is miniscule and should fit in most systems that can spare two full sized slots. Four screws with washers bolt through the back of the circuit board to hold the small heatsink to the GPU core directly, and a warranty sticker covers one of the screws. Otherwise there isn't a whole lot going on at the backside.














The expansion slot is designed with vent grills on half of it while the other half has the connectivity options for video output, VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Most of the height that fills the second slot is from the fan and shroud attached to the heatsink . The heatsink itself is very small but when the heat load is less than 80W a large cooling device isn't really necessary. No auxiliary power connectors are needed, as this card doesn't use enough energy to require any.



The Palit GT 240 Sonic does not have any SLI ports on it and both sides are sparse of circuitry. The design is simple and clean and should be a no-fuss card when it comes time to install it, no extra power cables or adapters to hook up a monitor, and it should easily fit in even the most cramped cases, depth-wise.



The memory was created by Samsung Semiconductors and is model K4G10325FE-HC05. Looking at the specification sheet available at Samsung's website you will find some information about the memory; it is GDDR5 SDRAM, 1.5V power requirement, 6th generation production, 84 FBGA and Halogen/Lead free package, and speed .50ns 4.0Gbps, to hit the more important features.


Time to move on to drivers!

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