Packard Bell Fast Media Remote Control

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Reviewed on: April 18, 2001
Sun Kim
Price: $8

Behold, the Packard Bell Fast Media Remote Control. Computers these day's aren't just for typing anymore. They are now used as multimedia entertainment centers. This remote that Packard Bell has made, makes it very easy to control your multimedia applications and other programs. Also today we will take alook at software that help make this possible. I'd like to thank Sun Kim for providing this sample for review.

The Package

Below is what I got when I received mine.
  • Packard Bell Remote
  • (2) AA Batteries
  • Adhesive
  • IR receiver- w/ 80-inch serial cable
  • WIRC Software
  • Detailed manual

  • Installation

    If you can operate your TV remote you can operate this remote. Installation went very smooth. I mounted the IR Receiver on the side of my monitor. Then I plugged the serial cable into the back of my computer. Next I installed my (2) AA batteries in my Packard Bell Remote. Lastly I booted my computer and proceeded to the installation of WIRC. The configuration of WIRC is very easy. You can configure WIRC to control Windows CD Player, Winamp, as a virtual keyboard or mouse, as an audio mixer, and to start programs. WIRC also supports a wide range of remotes, so you don't have to use the Packard Bell Fast Media Remote.


    The Packard Bell Fast Media Remote Control is a great addition to your computer entertainment center. The only downside is that WIRC is not supported Windows 2000 or Windows XP currently. Linux isn't supported by WIRC but is support by LIRC. Windows2000 are in luck and can use a program called PC Remote Control I'm sure there are other programs out there also, just get on a search engine and see what you can find. Sun Kim has also put together a great page on IRASSISTANT.