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Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400 Cooler


Closer Look:

You may have noticed the shaft to the right of the power connector. This is where I figured out how the unit works. The top clear fan sucks air down onto the heatsink, which cools it, and then the black fan on the bottom blows the air down this shaft and into your case. If you look closely, you’ll see the heat sensor that relays the temperature to the LCD panel on the front.  The shaft’s opening is 2 ¼” inches long and 1 1/8” inches tall, so it’s not very big.

Now that we’ve covered the unit, let’s examine the accessories. The PC AirCon PAC 400 comes with the mounting bay which fits into your 5.25” bay, instruction manual, and screws to secure the mounting bay to your case.

The mounting bay has a plastic door which folds down when you push the air conditioner into it. It also has a built-in key on the side so that the user can lock the air conditioner into the bay or unlock it to take it out. When you fold down the door, you can see the female power connector which has a built in adapter to convert it to a 4-pin power connector.


On the side of the mounting bay, you’ll notice the holes for the user to use in order to secure the bay into a free 5.25” slot.


The first thing you must do is screw the mounting bay into an open 5.25” slot in your case. After this is done, slide the PC AirCon PAC 400 into the mounting bay and push firmly to ensure that the power connectors are making complete contact. Below is a picture of the air conditioner attached into the mounting bay. To ensure the air conditioner is in all the way, try locking the key. If it turns 90 degrees, then the air conditioner is correctly inserted.

The last thing you must do is attach the 4-pin molex power socket to a free 4-pin molex plug from your power supply.

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