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Ozone Strike Pro Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Ozone Strike Pro Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Testing

The Ozone Strike Pro Mechanical gaming keyboard was put through two months of use and testing while working on other reviews. During this time it was used in everyday use; surfing the Internet, Photoshopping, and gaming. A keyboard is very personal to each and every individual as each person has a slightly different take on them. The major question the consumer has, is how it responds in these various tasks is important in different ways to everyone. This review is completely subjective and the only way to really provide feedback rather than assigning made up numbers trying to compare one keyboard to another. This is my opinion, it but should give a good indication of what I love and hate about this keyboard overall. This is my opinion, but should give a good indication of what I love and hate about this keyboard. I encourage if people have the same opinion or vastly different to leave a comment in the forums.

Testing Setup:

Ozone Strike Pro Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Results

Everyday Use:

For everyday use I'm happy to report the Strike Pro was easy to use and caused no problems over the two months I used it. Right from the start, the keyboard was rock solid and not only from the high quality mechanical keys, but the frame is also built for the long haul. I believe this keyboard can take some abuse before things start to break, which is great news for anyone who has found keyboards to break earlier than usual. As far as the type of switches go (in this case Brown), it's completely up the user to determine what they like. This is dependent on play style with games and type of key response. The Browns I felt were a great starting point for anyone jumping from a membrane keyboard, commonly found in just about every budget keyboard and even some expensive ones. The keys gives a distinct feel when being pressed and, if you are a fast typer, some clicky sounds will be present, although this isn't a feature but rather a byproduct.


For working, this where I spent most of my time using it. For a few weeks I used it eight hours a day, five days a week at work before bringing it home for the weekends. I left the lights on for testing, but the ability to turn them off simply with a keystroke was a great feature and useful for any keyboard. Most noticeably, the two best feature were the wrist guard that protected my hands from cramps over the long periods of typing and the switches. The normal generic Dell keyboard I use at work does not have this wrist guard and I can differently say that my hands start to cramp after a short amount of time. Finally, once again, the MX Cherry Brown switches were a great choice overall for typists and newcomers to the mechanical world. It took me a bit to get to use, as I had been accustom to a very short action length compared to the Brown switches that need an initial press with some force to initiate the key and get a response.


When it comes to gaming, I was slightly disappointed by Ozone's software as well as key layout choices. By that I mean having the six macro keys on the right side isn't very convenient for any fast action macros, as they are a long ways away from the WASD keys. Normally the assigned macro keys are often located near the left side to give quick access when gaming. Even having macros above the numbers are more useful than where it is placed now. While I understand why Ozone assigned the macros to the right side as a space saving technique, it doesn't help the fact I found those keys outside my normal reach. What baffles me is Ozone allow the ability to resign any key to another, but the macros are unable to be reassigned. I feel this is a large oversight when trying to get the user the biggest range of possibilities.

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