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Ozone Strike Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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In conclusion, the Cherry Blacks are just like how everyone explained they would feel, which is heavy. I felt like I was really working to use my keyboard some nights and after long hours of game play, I just felt tired and missing key presses. Over time I was able to get used to it and gain some extra finger strength for the switches. It’s a style of switch I’ve gotten to try for the first time.

Unfortunately, I feel this review almost sounds negative since I’ve found I don’t really prefer the switches, but that isn’t how it should be read. The keyboard itself is actually very nice. It’s very durable and I’m sure if you are a fan of Cherry Blacks you will love this thing. I’ve always loved the fact that you can swap out key caps of a different color, but Ozone really took this one a bit further with only making the color of the letter change. I found this very unique compared to the full key color swap and I liked it. This keyboard really has got it and after a little longer it’s going to be hard to pry this keyboard away from me. Now leave me alone, I’ve got some Skyrim to play!



  • Very sturdy
  • Amazing rubber feet keep it firmly attached to my glass desk
  • Removable palm-rest allows me to choose my comfort level


  • Complete loss of left Windows key
  • Function key for media keys can’t be used one handed (maybe I just have small hands)
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