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CES 2007 Coverage


Interview with Razer President, Robert Krakoff

After getting a good rundown on what is being released as well as what is coming up for Razer, I got the chance to sit down with Robert for a quick interview.

After introducing myself, and getting the obvious out of the way, we got into the serious discussion of his feelings for how Razer is doing as well as what its goals are as a company now that they have such a large following.

Connor: How would you rate your approach to the market that your company is targeting, as well as some of the key steps in your R&D process?

Robert: I feel as though we have an A- in concept but a D+ for execution. That being said, there is always room for improvement, as well as the acquisition and finessing of a few of the finer technologies.

Connor: Why are you staying with the mostly “accessory” range of products?

This is when I got a chance to look into what Razer really thinks about their product line

Robert: The original plan was to stick to four base things. Starting with the most important, we have the Mouse, the Gaming Surface, Sound, and lastly, the keyboard. Near the end of 2006, we finally completed our entire proposed product lineup.

Connor: So what is next for the already stoked lineup?

Robert: I’m not sure where we will be going now. We will just have to see. Want to see the MAKO?

The MAKO, Razer’s new speaker system, while not being nearly close to a standard surround, or even stereo, system, they are calling it a 2.1 Omni Directional system. After going into detail about the technologies involved, Robert stated:

“These are some REALLY incredible speakers and there is no one on the market that has anything nearly close to its performance”.

Razer really went off the rocker with this product as well. It teamed up with THX and used not only THX technologies, but as well as a system they have created that is claimed to be unable to distort, in essence keeping the sound true at all times. What Razer has done is taken several thousand dollar speakers and brought them down to the level of the average consumer.

I asked Robert what makes the MAKO so great? He grabbed a DeathAdder sitting on a nearby table and used it to represent the speaker. He showed us how sound waves actually move and how the MAKO counters the table bounce issue.

Connor: What is the target group for these speakers?

Robert: Music is the primary target. Games will also benefit, though it will take some getting used to with the new Omni Directional sound.
This technology is kick a$$, it really is.


Connor aka "Uber"

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