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CES 2007 Coverage

Bosco    -   January 6, 2007

Raven's Thoughts on CES day four

Today we finally had some time to relax and enjoy the CES experience. We attended only one meeting and that was with CoolerMaster. Although I have been at CES for 3 days now, I didn't realize how big it actually was. I guess that since my mind was focused on business, I never really looked.

We dropped Jeff (14) at 11:00 am then proceeded to the Las Vegas Convention Center. We all took tons of pictures and even had our picture taken with Elvis! That was a lot of fun. With CES concluded for the day, we decided to do a little site seeing. So we hopped into Bishop's truck and went to the Hoover D.A.M. What a blast! I don't think I’ve laughed that hard in my life. We all took some pics and even a couple of videos and then went back to Vegas. Unfortunately, it was my turn to leave.

I will cherish the stronger friendships created with the OCC CES Staff and am looking forward to next year.

Please check back on Saturday, where I will sum up the entire experience.

Paul aka "Raven65"
OCC Marketing Director

  1. CES 2007 Introduction
  2. Magnum 5.1 FX Headset
  3. ARIO Wireless Technology
  4. Razer Interview
  5. Razer Mako
  6. Razer DeathAdder
  7. Microsoft Reclusa
  8. Razer Pro|Solutions
  9. Belkin Easy Transfer Cable
  10. ASUS S6F Pink Edition
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  12. Raven on CES Day 1
  13. CoolIT Systems
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  16. Day 2 Abit Pictures
  17. Day 2 Adata Pictures
  18. Day 2 Enermax Pictures
  19. Day 2 SuperTalent Pictures
  20. Day 2 CES Floor Pictures
  21. Adata Wins Awards
  22. Dell Selects CoolIT
  23. Logitech X-240 Speakers
  24. Bosco on CES Day 3
  25. Raven on CES Day 3
  26. Ijagwalaafq on CES Day 3
  27. Day 3 Fatal1ty Pictures
  28. Day 3 AMD Pictures
  29. Day 3 Fox News Pictures
  30. Ultra Products Carbon Fiber Case
  31. injijagwalaafq's Conclusion
  32. Raven on CES Day 4
  33. Bosco on CES Day 4 & Final Thoughts
  34. Day 4 Coolermaster Pictures
  35. CES Booths Gallery 1
  36. CES Booths Gallery 2
  37. CES Booths Gallery 3
  38. CES Booths Gallery 4
  39. CES Booths Gallery 5
  40. CES Booth Babe Gallery
  41. Treo Audio Truck
  42. Las Vegas Sights Gallery
  43. Hoover Dam Gallery
  44. OCC CES Conclusion
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