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CES 2007 Coverage


Raven's thoughts on day one of CES

I must say, I was quite overwhelmed. I arrived this morning at about 9:45 am CST and as soon as I dropped off my luggage in our room, it was straight to work. Uber, Bishop and I had an interview with Robert Krakoff, the founder of Razer. The interview with Razer went well. We got a sneak peek of the upcoming release of the Razer Mako. This will be Razer’s first attempt at Audio Surround sound in 2.1. From there I went to talk to Asus and made a new contact for their newest product releases.

Seagate, Belkin, Creative Labs and Voodoo PC were next. At Seagate, we procured a deal to review any, and all, of their newest upcoming products. Yes, upon its release in April, OCC will be reviewing the new terabyte drive. (press release tomorrow)

Belkin was a new venture for OCC. Many of us use their products but use them mainly for being inexpensive rather than being reliable. We will now have a chance to find out how reliable inexpensive really is. Belkin has many products ranging from wireless networking to Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS).

Establishing a relationship with Creative Labs is in its infancy. Our meeting with them will be on Wednesday.

As for VoodooPC. Well, they feel that an OCC review isn't worth it for their products. I was told by their marketing representative that they don't cater to Internet sites because we are too small for them, and their cost to ship the item would be too expensive. Can you say Sell Out? They are now affiliated with HP, and considering that all HP is worried about is selling inferior (i.e. proprietary) products to consumers who don't know better, I personally felt that VoodooPC, once a friend of the enthusiast, has now become interested only in what's in their pockets.

All in all, it was a great day. The Overclockers Club CES team finally got to meet each other and new friendships are being forged.

Paul aka "Raven65"
OCC Marketing Director

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