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CES 2007 Coverage


Bosco's thoughts on day one of CES

First off...WOW. I expected a lot, but I was surprised by how much there is going on.

The hotel is pretty nice, and very big, LOL.

I never thought that there could be so many booths. There are lots of really cool things here and I am very impressed by them.

Arctic Cooling appears to be an up and coming company that has some great looking products.

MSI. Their laptops are pretty cool but I think the diamonds are a little much in my opinion.


Chieftec has some pretty cool cases. Sorry, I did not take any photos.

Leave it to Lian-Li to have an odd case to steal the show. Their products are still pretty much the same; nothing really new style-wise besides that one case.

Geil. Their stuff is very impressive, to say the least. The thought of having memory directly connect to the power supply and adjusting the voltage on the stick itself is just unreal.

Geil’s Black Dragon gaming memory looks to be very impressive as well. I expect to see some more good things from them in 2007. They really want to move up in the market, that’s for sure.

Patriot. What can I say? 1302MHz memory. That is a statement in and of itself. I just can't believe it, that speed is insane! Already having samples of DDR3 is very impressive. Just like Geil, I expect big things from Patriot in 2007 at the pace they are going. Unfortunately, the pictures of this memory didn't turn out.

Trimersion and their Wireless Virtual Headset is pretty sweet looking. There were some issues with the wireless because of all the other stuff going on, but tomorrow we will be going back for a wired LAN test run. I am looking forward to that, and also to trying out the full 360 Degrees while playing Call of Duty 2. The nice thing about this product is that you can use it on the Playstation 1 and 2, as well as the Xbox and PC. Very cool.

Vapoli. A Phase Change system speaks for itself. I was very impressed about the design. I look forward to them making the product even better with some new stuff they are adding to it.


ePower is up and coming with some 1000 watt power supplies. The unit itself is very shiny and a little smaller then most other units in its class. These huge power supplies are now starting to become very common.

ECS showed us their 590 and 680 chipsets. The boards were pretty sweet looking. They also showed us their own 7950GTX video cards. Throughout 2007 they are going to be really focusing on Video Cards. It is always nice to see more companies doing this.

Powercolor showed off their 1950XT AGP. I know, we asked right away why?! Their response: “We still have a huge demand for high-end AGP.” Makes sense to me. If there is a market, then why not?

PLANon is a company that I have never heard of at all. I was walking by and they stopped me to bring me over to their booth. All I can say is that I’m glad that I did. The rep, Nick, showed me a handheld scanner. He scanned the fire logo on my shirt and then hooked the scanner up to his laptop. I was so impressed with the handheld scanner that was about the length of a drinking straw, and not much wider either. This unit was just unreal. I know that scanners are not as popular as they once were, but then he showed me something really cool. If you scan text, open the file and click any of the word file icons down below and it will automatically convert it into that file and you can edit it or do whatever, no more typing that is very awesome. It may not be for everyone, but still a very cool product that I personally would find very useful.

I met a lot of great people today and I am looking forward to OCC working with them in 2007. So far this has been a very enjoyable adventure and I am glad that I can share it with our readers.

That is about it from me for today. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I really hate traffic. Took us over 30 minutes on the shuttle to get from our hotel to the Sands, a normally 5 minute drive. Oh well, it’s to be expected. Will update more tomorrow.

Dave aka "Bosco"
OCC Site Manager

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