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OnAir Solution GT USB HDTV Receiver/Recorder Review



Now that everything is installed, let's get into what actually makes the TV programs display on your PC. First off, before I begin I would like to note to you that when you first start the Tuner HDTV program it will ask you to change the main directory. If you are using Vista I recommend this so you will not have any problems with permissions.









The user interface for the OnAir GT has to be from the Stone Age. To get to the menu you right-click on the video and it brings up a list of what you can do. You can adjust basic video controls like size and color, change tuner modes, and record shows. That is about all of it. To scan for channels to watch, scroll to select "Channel Manager" option and click it. This will bring up a box for scanning. Select the ones you want to scan for. DTV is Digital and ATV is analog. Cable is for a hard connection and Air is for OTA broadcasts. As it finds a good channel it will lock it. When done scanning it will return you to the first channel and away you go watching TV.




The InterVideo WinDVD Creator is a program that makes authoring your own DVD as easy as possible. When you first start WinDVD, a wizard comes up allowing you to specify the settings you want for the DVD you are making. To make a DVD, just drag and drop the video clips you want included into the spaces on the screen and it will place them into the loop automatically. You can reposition them at any time to make the DVD better for you. Once done, click "Make Movie" and away it goes with your custom DVD.





  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look ( The GT Receiver )
  3. Installation & Configuration
  4. Configuration ( Continued )
  5. Specifications & Features
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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