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OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD Review

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While this is a fairly new controller for the SSD market, the SandForce SF-1222 really showed what it was designed for, and that is the increased overall read and write speeds. Sure, the read speeds are important, but the money matters on how fast the data can be written to the drive and that is what SandForce and OCZ concentrated on when they designed and built the Vertex 2 series. If you look back again at the benchmarks that were run, just about every time, the SandForce controller dominated in the write tests. When you take into account overall scores, it was the faster drive of the bunch. Real world speed is what I look for in a drive. For the read speeds, being in the 200's, who is really going to notice a slight difference between one drive or another? But if you switch hands and one drive is writing at 80MB/s and another is writing twice as fast, you are going to see real world results as your saves will happen more quickly, your programs will be more responsive and overall, your system will feel snappier. OCZ concentrated its development and firmware design on the write speeds with the new Vertex 2 and it seems it has worked - especially in the 4k tests.

With the new provisioning from OCZ for consumer based drives, they have been able to take the same 128GB of flash chips and decrease the size of needed space for the garbage collection, allowing you to have more storage space with the same performance as the past 100GB drives. With this extra space included, the drive the price to performance ratio rises and takes the sweet spot away from the cheaper Indilinx based SSD's. This evens the playing field, giving you close to the same storage as before, but with write speeds not obtainable on past drives. With the new SandForce controller, the performance hit on smaller capacity drives is also gone. Now if you purchase a 40GB or 400GB drive, the same read and write speeds will exist for all drives across the board, so no more settling for mediocre performance for the price.

With the OCZ Toolbox being developed with the Vertex 2 and other new SSD's, you will not have to jump through hoops to upgrade firmware and perform drive maintenance any more. Gone is the time of using jumpers and booting into special environments to upgrade the firmware for a performance increase. OCZ has literally put the work into the new Vertex 2 series, so you don't have to. With the technology that was packed into this little device and the extras that OCZ took to make it a top product, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a high performing drive for the price. With the top performance it shows now at release, it can only get better down the road.



  • Better write speeds than past SSDs
  • Native TRIM Support
  • Will be available in capacities up to 480GB
  • Same read/write speeds regardless of drive capacity
  • Three year warranty from OCZ
  • Up to 50,000 IOPS in random 4K aligned writes
  • Includes the 3.5" desktop adapter
  • Upgradable firmware via OCZ Toolbox
  • No need for cache chip



  • More expensive than Indilix based drives
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