OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler Review

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Reviewed on: November 28, 2007
Price: $27.00-43.00


Being a car guy, one of the first things that happens when getting a car is putting your “mark” on it by personalizing it in some way. Not one to go for “all show and no go,” performance was usually top on the list. Top of the list is to get the engine breathing better to free up some ponies, so IHE (Intake, Header, and Exhaust) was usually the most practical bang for your buck. Sure it may have some primer spots on it, but it’ll smoke your blingin’, neon lit, speaker on wheels at the quarter mile. The easiest way to put your “mark” on your PC and increase performance is swapping out the stock cooler for an aftermarket one to get your CPU breathing better and free up some extra MHz. Just as with automotive aftermarket, the PC cooling aftermarket is flooded with cooling solutions ranging from mild to wild depending on your tastes and budget. Finding the best performance to price ratio is key.

The OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler is one of the many, many CPU coolers out there vying for your hard earned cash. With heat pipes being the “new black” these days due to excellent performance returns, OCZ uses a new twist on a heat pipe and fin design by Xigmatek and tries to increase performance. Most heat pipe coolers use a solid base, while the heat pipes on the OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler come in direct contact with the CPU.


Closer Look:

The OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler comes packaged in a rather large silver and blue box with a window on the front showing the 92mm fan. The sides detail the Key Features as well as Specifications and Features. The back has a shot of the Vendetta in all its aluminum finned and heat pipe glory.

front  side1

side2  back


Closer Look:

Opening the box you are greeted with closed cell foam protecting the contents. Getting the Vendetta out of the box you can see that OCZ is serious about its packaging. A block of closed cell foam securely holds the fan up front. OCZ must have some former Gorilla Shippers onboard in their packaging R&D department, since with this method, you would really have to do major damage to the box to disrupt the contents inside.








open box  closed cell foam


The fan comes in the front section of foam, while behind, the cooler and mounting hardware are safely tucked inside the rear section of foam. A few quick pulls and everything is removed from the closed cell foam to get a better look.

vendetta foam  vendetta accesories


Looking at the Vendetta from above shows the improvements made from the Xigmatek design on the fins. Dimples were placed in all of the fins to create turbulence which reduces the skinning effect of the air passing over the fins. Also, a “V” bend was added to the fins to increase overall surface area without compromising the compact design. The other notable feature of the cooler is the H.D.T. (Heat pipe direct touch) design, where the heat pipes are in direct contact with the CPU. The bottom of the cooler is flat; once the heat pipes and base are mated, they are machined as a single piece to achieve a truly flat mating surface.

cooler  cooler1



The Vendetta comes with all the required mounting hardware for AMD 754/755/939/AM2 & Intel LGA775 (while the Vendetta has been qualified for these processors for performance and compatibility, it may not fit some motherboards, so check your measurements around the socket). Also included is some thermal paste which we will be using in our testing, the rubber “anti-vibration” fan mounts, molex converter for the fan (if needed) and the installation manual.




Installation of the cooler is a breeze since the motherboard does not need to be removed. Make sure the system is off and unplugged to avoid the system being turned on without the cooler on. Remove the current cooler. Clean off the old thermal interface (isopropyl alcohol works well, and evaporates quickly).The fan needs to be mounted to the cooler. This is done by pushing the rubber mounts into the fan. OCZ recommends that the fasteners be attached to the third fin from the top. The mounts just slide into the grooves cut into the fins, and are held very securely. Apply the thermal paste to the center of the cooler, mount squarely on the CPU and give it a slight twist from side to side to “seat” the paste. Engage the clip (for AMD) or press in the pins (for Intel). Confirm that the cooler is secured by giving it a light tug. If it pops off, then guess what…it's not secure and you just saved yourself from buying a new CPU. Once secure, connect the fan header to the motherboard and you are ready to take it for a test spin.








The Vendetta can be mounted in either direction to clear components on your motherboard.







(L)97 x (W)79 x (H)134mm
Fin: Aluminum
Base: H.D.T (Heat pipe Direct Technology)
Heat Pipe: Copper
Fan Size
Fan Speed
Acoustical Noise
22-34 dBA
4 pin
Operating Voltage
12V DC
Air Flow Rate
39-54.6 CFM





Pentium D
Core 2 Duo
Core 2 Quad
Core 2 Extreme
Athlon 64
Athlon 64 X2
Athlon 64 FX






Testing will be performed by running Orthos to load the CPU to 100%. Temperatures will be recorded at idle and 100% load at stock (3200+ 2.0GHz) and overclocked (2.5 GHz).

Testing Setup:

Overclocked settings are as follows:





The OCZ Vendetta keeps it cool (pun intended) and barely increased the noise output of the case, which was nice. There was no measurable difference with the fan pointed at the top of the case or the bottom. The stock cooler and the Ajigo couldn’t keep up with the increased temps from the voltage push.



The OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler comes in at the mid-range of entry-level pricing for air cooling. The price-to-performance curve for the Vendetta will leave many a user with a smile on their face. Couple that with the ease of install, and the Vendetta just gets better. The packaging ensures you are getting a product as the manufacturer intended it and not some bent, scratched mess. The Vendetta is a 92mm cooler that performs like a 120mm. It would be nice to see if there would be any performance increase with a 120mm version of the Vendetta. The 92mm fan was not annoyingly loud, but loud enough to let you know it was doing its job, like a good free flow exhaust system.

The Vendetta put in a solid performance at a price that won't break the bank. OCZ continues to put out quality products for each market segment, and the Vendetta is squarely aimed at the mid-level budget looking for above average cooling performance.