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OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler Review

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Installation of the cooler is a breeze since the motherboard does not need to be removed. Make sure the system is off and unplugged to avoid the system being turned on without the cooler on. Remove the current cooler. Clean off the old thermal interface (isopropyl alcohol works well, and evaporates quickly).The fan needs to be mounted to the cooler. This is done by pushing the rubber mounts into the fan. OCZ recommends that the fasteners be attached to the third fin from the top. The mounts just slide into the grooves cut into the fins, and are held very securely. Apply the thermal paste to the center of the cooler, mount squarely on the CPU and give it a slight twist from side to side to “seat” the paste. Engage the clip (for AMD) or press in the pins (for Intel). Confirm that the cooler is secured by giving it a light tug. If it pops off, then guess what…it's not secure and you just saved yourself from buying a new CPU. Once secure, connect the fan header to the motherboard and you are ready to take it for a test spin.








The Vendetta can be mounted in either direction to clear components on your motherboard.



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