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OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler Review

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Closer Look:

Opening the box you are greeted with closed cell foam protecting the contents. Getting the Vendetta out of the box you can see that OCZ is serious about its packaging. A block of closed cell foam securely holds the fan up front. OCZ must have some former Gorilla Shippers onboard in their packaging R&D department, since with this method, you would really have to do major damage to the box to disrupt the contents inside.










The fan comes in the front section of foam, while behind, the cooler and mounting hardware are safely tucked inside the rear section of foam. A few quick pulls and everything is removed from the closed cell foam to get a better look.



Looking at the Vendetta from above shows the improvements made from the Xigmatek design on the fins. Dimples were placed in all of the fins to create turbulence which reduces the skinning effect of the air passing over the fins. Also, a “V” bend was added to the fins to increase overall surface area without compromising the compact design. The other notable feature of the cooler is the H.D.T. (Heat pipe direct touch) design, where the heat pipes are in direct contact with the CPU. The bottom of the cooler is flat; once the heat pipes and base are mated, they are machined as a single piece to achieve a truly flat mating surface.




The Vendetta comes with all the required mounting hardware for AMD 754/755/939/AM2 & Intel LGA775 (while the Vendetta has been qualified for these processors for performance and compatibility, it may not fit some motherboards, so check your measurements around the socket). Also included is some thermal paste which we will be using in our testing, the rubber “anti-vibration” fan mounts, molex converter for the fan (if needed) and the installation manual.



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