OCZ Vendetta 2 Review

ajmatson - 2007-02-07 23:03:18 in CPU Cooling
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Reviewed on: April 10, 2008
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So you just bought that fast CPU and now you want to overclock it but you worry about heating issues? Is that stock cooler going to be enough? Then what type of cooler do you need? There are a lot of questions you need to ask when wanting to push the limits of your processor, and there are so many CPU coolers out on the market now choosing the right one can be tough. Water cooling is way to expensive for the average enthusiast, but air cooling can sometimes not be enough to keep that overclocked CPU cool and disaster can strike. But what should you choose? There are different types of CPU coolers with varying shapes, sizes, and designs. Some use copper, some use aluminum, and then there are some that use a new technology called HDT. What is HDT you ask? HDT stands for Heap Pipe Direct Touch which eliminates the block that is normally attached to the insides of the heatsink and mounts the heat pipes directly to the base of the cooler, making them touch the heatspreader of the CPU directly. This, in theory, makes the transfer of heat from the CPU to the air a quicker process.

One cooler that might fulfill your needs is the OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler. The Vendetta 2 is the big brother of the original Vendetta from OCZ and uses the same Heat Pipe Direct Touch design. The Vendetta 2 is a very large cooler with a full size 120mm fan designed to decrease your CPU temperatures and allow you to push it to the maximum without burning it out. But will it's sheer size be a problem? Let's go and find out.


Closer Look:

The OCZ Vendetta 2 comes in a very nice packaging. The outside of the box gives a lot of detail as to what is inside, making you want to rip it open and start using the cooler. The front has a window showing you the size of the 120mm fan and the back shows you what the complete unit looks like. The sides highlight the key features, specifications and what platforms the cooler can be used on.




Sliding the product out of the box the Vendetta 2 cooler is very well protected. The cooler and fan are surrounded by foam keeping it from being damaged during transportation. Included with the cooler and fan is a quick install guide, a 3-pin to 4-pin fan cable converter, and the mounting hardware for the cooler and the fan.



Now that I have your interest peaked, let's take a better look at the cooler.

Closer Look:

The OCZ Vendetta 2 Cooler is made of aluminum fins and copper heat pipes for maximum efficiency. There are many fins stacked up and containing dimples, which cause turbulence, keeping the CPU cooler. The Copper pipes run through the aluminum fins dispersing the heat and dissipating into the case air flow.











The base of the OCZ Vendetta 2 uses a special technology called the HTD Design. HTD, which stands for Heat Pipe Direct Touch, routes the heat pipes so that they come in direct contact with the processors heatshield and heat is transferred away quicker, keeping the CPU cooler.


The OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler supports sockets AMD 754/755/939/AM2 and Intel LGA775, making it available for any system currently on the market. There is one setup for the Intel boards using the same connections as a stock intel heatsink, so no back plate is required, and one setup for AMD boards allowing you to utilize the existing heatsink brackets to hold the Vendetta 2 in place.



Installing the fan is a very simple process. There are four rubber holders that are included with the hardware. Take one and slide the tip if it into the screw hole on the fan. Pull it all the way through and repeat this for all four corners of the fan. Once they are in, line up one side of the fan with the notches on the heatsink. Slide the rubber holders into the notch while guiding the fin edge through until it is secured into place. Repeat for both sides. These rubber holders keep the fan securely in place but eliminate any noise from vibration with the heatsink.



Now the heatsink and fan is all assembled and ready to start it's mission cooling your computer.




So since the OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler is all setup, let's move on to the testing phase.




To test the OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler I am going to record the processor temperatures while idle ( little to no CPU activity ) and at full load. To obtain the idle scores I am going to leave the computer alone for thirty minutes after disabling any services not needed to sustain Windows. To obtain the full load temperatures I will be running Stressprime 2004 Orthos Edition using the StressCPU test for four hours. I will complete this series of tests for both the stock speed and voltage of the Core 2 Duo E6600 processor and then overclocked to 3.6GHz with a voltage of 1.46 volts. To record the temperatures I will be using the SpeedFan 4.33 Utility. I will also be comparing the OCZ Vendetta 2 against two other CPU Coolers, as well as a water cooling setup from Danger Den, to see how the scores compare.


Testing Setup:





The sheer size and design of the OCZ Vendetta 2 did it's job by either having the same or better temperatures compared to the other coolers.


For the idle and load stock temperatures, the OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU cooler had around the same temperatures as the other coolers it was compared to, but when the processor was overclocked it's true colors started to shine through. While idling and overclocked, the Vendetta 2 tied the Thermalright Ultra, and was only one degree warmer than the water cooled system.  At full load it was the coolest of all the air coolers and just a bit higher than H2O. Those are very good temps, especially considering the cost between the air and water cooling setup. The fan on the OCZ Vendetta 2 is very quiet and has no vibration noise whatsoever. The fact that this cooler can work on different platforms is a plus, and it includes all the necessary hardware to handle said platforms. OCZ also includes a thermal paste to use if you have no other preference or supply, so no extra costs are needed when installing.

The biggest problem that I found with the OCZ Vendetta 2 is, that when installed on my Gigabyte X38 motherboard, the cooler covered slots one and two for the memory unless the fan was pointed to the rear of the case, which then slot one was the only one covered. For an AMD system, the fan can only be installed pointing up or down due to the retention bracket, so slots one and two will be blocked again. This happened when I tried the cooler on an AMD 780G board. This inhibits a user from possibly using thier memory in dual channel, unless they have a motherboard with the RAM slots farther from the CPU slot. I tried the cooler on three different motherboards with several different sets of RAM, and all had the same result. The fins of the heatsink would come in contact with the PC Board of the memory, not allowing a flush contact with the CPU. Also, because of the size of the heatsink, it is a tight fit in my full size ATX case, and might be too big for some smaller cases. If you have the room to spare in your case, then the OCZ Vendetta 2 is an ideal cooling solution.