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OCZ Vendetta 2 Review

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Closer Look:

The OCZ Vendetta 2 Cooler is made of aluminum fins and copper heat pipes for maximum efficiency. There are many fins stacked up and containing dimples, which cause turbulence, keeping the CPU cooler. The Copper pipes run through the aluminum fins dispersing the heat and dissipating into the case air flow.











The base of the OCZ Vendetta 2 uses a special technology called the HTD Design. HTD, which stands for Heat Pipe Direct Touch, routes the heat pipes so that they come in direct contact with the processors heatshield and heat is transferred away quicker, keeping the CPU cooler.


The OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler supports sockets AMD 754/755/939/AM2 and Intel LGA775, making it available for any system currently on the market. There is one setup for the Intel boards using the same connections as a stock intel heatsink, so no back plate is required, and one setup for AMD boards allowing you to utilize the existing heatsink brackets to hold the Vendetta 2 in place.



Installing the fan is a very simple process. There are four rubber holders that are included with the hardware. Take one and slide the tip if it into the screw hole on the fan. Pull it all the way through and repeat this for all four corners of the fan. Once they are in, line up one side of the fan with the notches on the heatsink. Slide the rubber holders into the notch while guiding the fin edge through until it is secured into place. Repeat for both sides. These rubber holders keep the fan securely in place but eliminate any noise from vibration with the heatsink.



Now the heatsink and fan is all assembled and ready to start it's mission cooling your computer.




So since the OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler is all setup, let's move on to the testing phase.

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