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OCZ ReaperX HPC DDR3 10666 2 x 1 GB Review

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The realities of computer hardware upgrades just about always focus on performance. How fast you wanna go? How much money you got? The saying is commonly used in the motorsports world but holds true when it comes to the latest high performance DDR3 modules. Sure, you could save some money and end up with joe average modules, but that would not feed that need. OCZ has produced a set of DDR3 modules that just flat out perform. At 1333MHz, the test results showed that the tight timings of 6-5-5-20 did help performance by allowing the modules to finish either first or second in all of the tests run. Where the OCZ Reaper X HPC modules really shine is when the clock speeds are ramped up. I was able to push these modules to DDR3 1900 with only 1.96 volts. While this may seem high when you compare to the DDR3 standard of 1.5 volts, the modules are guaranteed up to 1.90 volts. Anything over that you take your chances. Running with a stock voltage of 1.85 volts cooling needs to be addressed in a big way. OCZ has done that in a big way with the ReaperX HPC series of modules. Each bank of modules is in direct contact with the Heat Pipe Conduit that leads to the extended fin array to off load all of the heat generated by the modules. During testing, I found that the modules themselves were cool to the touch while the heatpipe was warmer than ambient. With a little bit of airflow over the modules the whole assembly was quite cool to the touch. It seems the theory and sound engineering have paid off when the chips are down.There is nothing like having that all night frag session shut down because of faulty hardware.

Having the ability to overclock in excess of 274MHz over the DDR3 667 FSB spec on these modules is an incredible feat in my eyes. That is the most head room I have ever seen on a set of memory. So much so that it out ran the 475 FSB limit of my Intel Q6600. The only downside to this set of memory is that putting them side by side in the memory slots is not going to happen. 4 x 1 GB will not be the way to go with these modules. That's OK though because OCZ has a set of these modules that are 2 x 2GB to meet that need. If you want to shoot for some records, I feel that the OCZ ReaperX HPC DDR3 1333 set of modules can get you there. As long as the rest of your hardware is up to the task.



  • High Speed Tight Timings
  • DDR3 1900+ Speeds
  • 8-7-7-20 Timings at 1880+ Speeds
  • Effective Cooling
  • High Performance
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Massive Overclocking Potential



  • 4 x 1GB Not Possible Due to Module Size Limitations


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  2. Specifications
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  5. Testing: FarCry
  6. Conclusion
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