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OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 1066 2 x 2 GB Review

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The OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-8500 memory performed well, having a slight lead over the OCZ Platinum Edition at the same speed, timings, and capacity. Even though it is nothing to write home about, when it comes to memory, any improvement is something that can mean the difference in winning a game or finishing a task in a timely manner. The heatpipe did keep the modules cooler to the touch more than the standard heatspreader that OCZ uses on the majority of its memory, and for overclocking it will keep the chips cooler for longer periods of time. I was disappointed with the lack of performance at higher clock speeds because of how loose the timings had to go, but once I tightened them back up and got the memory to 1120MHz they performed very well.

With memory intensive applications and games these days, 4GB seems to be a minimum now. For a $154.99 average price this is a no brainer; that's only $38 per gigabyte for high speed and dependable memory. With the unique HPC heatspreader you will not have to worry about the modules getting too hot. One thing I did notice is that you may have problems with some aftermarket CPU coolers. I am using water cooling with the test rig and it was a pain having to re-route the water tubing to keep it from touching the heatpipes, so depending on your setup, you may have issues with that. Being that the only downfall is the size I would have to say I would recommend the OCZ Reapers to anyone looking for the best bang for the buck. I know I am going to be using them from now on.



  • HPC Heatpipe for maximum cooling.
  • Enhanced 5-5-5 timings.
  • 4GB capacity for today's memory hungry applications.
  • Overclocking ability.



  • Heatpipe may be too big for some aftermarket CPU coolers.


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