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OCZ Gladiator MAX Review

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The OCZ Gladiator MAX takes the OCZ name to a new level with the usage of the direct heatpipe contact, which allowed it to cool the Q9450 to a nice level. The towering look, which seems to be very popular, seems to be how every cooler out on the market is designed here lately. I really liked the fact that OCZ decided to use a large 120mm fan for the active cooling part of the cooler and the fact that it is powered by a 4 pin PWM connector, allowing the cooler to adapt to the heat load being pushed on it, for those who want a quiet case. I really liked the usage of the push-pin mounting hardware, as this makes changing the cooler you have installed quite easy, as well as making sure it's sturdy and locked onto the motherboard. There is the lever design mounting hardware for the AMD side of things, which adds more value to the cooler. The amount of heatpipes is sufficient for the load, but some of the coolers out there are using more and more heatpipes to cool the processor. However, four have been proven to work quite well. The price of the cooler is a bit higher than I would have expected, especially for the performance and the fact that the cheaper GeminII was able to achieve lower temperatures by comparison.

Overall, I would suggest this cooler to someone who is looking for a nice silent cooler to use for their dual core build. I would probably lean more towards a different cooler for one of the Intel Core2Quad processors for the simple fact that they push out a higher amount of heat than the dual cores do. The cooler not only looks great, but it is able to cool the processor to a reasonable temperature while staying quite silent.



  • Performance
  • 120mm fan (PWM)
  • Mounting hardware
  • 4 heatpipes
  • Multi platform Design
  • Aerodynamic
  • Direct heatpipe contact



  • Price


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