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OCZ EliteXStream 800W Review

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The OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply is a great looking piece of hardware that does not have many flashy eye-catching features on the power supply, though it does have a very sleek design that could be favored by all. I personally do not like the LED fans that come in most of the power supplies that will light up half your room at night. Along the same lines of the fan that is included, the power supply operated at a more silent level than my OCZ GameXStream power supply does. I liked how many different connectors there are on this power supply, which will make it very versatile between different setups; however, it would have been nice if OCZ could have added a modular or partial modular design, the wire management was not quite as easy due to the large number of wires to hide. The power supply is SLI ready, which is a great selling point for power supplies nowadays as it proves that the power supply has enough power to power a multi-GPU setup as well as having enough connectors to do so. The price of this particular power supply is comparable in price to many of the 800 watt power supplies on the market, as it falls in the middle range. Not the most or least expensive, though this is one of the high end power supplies from OCZ. If you are looking for a new, powerful power supply for your computer, either because yours is failing, already died, or does not support multi-GPU setups, I would suggest picking up one of the EliteXStream 800W power supplies.

In the near future, OverclockersClub will be changing the format of its power supply reviews to supply the end user with a more thorough analysis of the power supply, including load testing up to the rated capacity to check for the rated output, as well as the voltage measurements and electronic noise. Stay tuned for our new testing methodology.



  • Sleek design
  • Silent fan
  • Stability
  • SLI ready
  • No LED fan



  • Non-modular design

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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