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OCZ EliteXStream 800W Review

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Closer Look:  

When you first pull the OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply out of its packaging and get the pink-ish colored plastic bag off of the unit, you are able to see that OCZ decided to color the unit with a dark gun metal looking shade. When you look at the side of the power supply that will be visible from the outside of your case, you are able to see that there is a wire mesh type material that will allow for airflow to be circulated through the power supply to help cool the components inside that will get warm. Below the on/off switch there is a light that indicates if the power supply is on or not. The opposite side of the EliteXStream, where all of the wires are coming out, is very plain and has nothing worth noting. The next side is where all of the ratings are located, which can be helpful if you were wondering which model this power supply was or how much it is rated to put out and on which rails. The side opposite to that side is plain, though it has a depressed OCZ logo along with the model name, as well as the power rating at the top.  








Both the top and the bottom of the EliteXStream are very simple and are very much similar to every other power supply out on the market. The top hosts a large 120mm fan that will draw fresh air in from the inside of the case that will then be able to circulate throughout the power supply and exit out the back of the unit, actively cooling the components inside. The bottom of the power supply is blank and has nothing notable on it.  



The large 120mm fan that is mounted on the top of the power supply is a Protechnic Magic 12V fan that plugs directly into the PFC board that is mounted inside of the power supply to receive power when the power supply is powered on.  


When you finish taking off the cover of the power supply and you take a look inside, you are able to see that on either side of the power supply there has been a thick plastic sheet to keep any components on the inside from touching the sides of the unit and shorting out. If you look behind that, you are able to see the PFC board that actively regulates the power being drawn and given out through the rails. Taking a look at the innards from the top you are able to see that there is a large black heatsink that covers all of the capacitors and other components that get warm inside the power supply.  




The OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply comes with quite a few PCI-E power connectors that will allow you to power multiple video cards inside your system. There are four connectors that have the Molex colored red, which are 6 + 2-pin connectors that allow them to be connected to older video cards that only require a 6-pin. There is one 8-pin connector with a black colored molex. When you take a look at the other connectors that are included with this power supply, you are able to see that there is one 24-pin molex that you use to power your motherboard. There are also eight SATA power connectors which will allow you to power just about as many hard drives as needed. There are also eight 4-pin connectors that are used to power most optical drives, most case fans, as well as some older hard drives.  



Now that we know what the OCZ EliteXStream looks like on the inside and out, let's see what the specifications of it are.

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